Our Responses

Reproductive Rights

As a company committed to being an advocate for women and championing their journeys, we believe a woman’s right to self-determination is fundamental. When women make decisions about their lives for themselves, they are able to participate fully and equally in society, families and communities grow stronger, cultures grow richer and the trajectory of the world bends toward equality. For those reasons VS&Co supports a woman’s right to choose, including equal access to safe reproductive and abortion care provided by medical professionals. We support choice, because we believe in women and trust them to make decisions that are right for them.

Our benefit plans have long covered a wide range of reproductive services, including contraception, abortion, and fertility treatments. Our benefits plan also includes travel reimbursement up to $4,000 per occurrence for medical care not available within 100 miles of an associate’s home -- including abortion services. The reimbursement applies to covered individuals and one companion traveler.