Safety Testing

Tested. Proven. Safe.

Products sold by Victoria’s Secret & Co. meet or exceed all safety requirements established by the governments where the products are sold. We have internal experts that focus on the design, development and safety review of the ingredients and materials in our products.

Once the product meets our specifications, we verify our findings by requiring safety testing on all personal care, cosmetics, accessories, candles and apparel by world-renowned, independent, accredited consumer product testing labs. If a product doesn’t meet our stringent safety and quality evaluations, we don’t sell it.

Ingredient and Material Safety Review

One way Victoria’s Secret & Co. ensures safety is by using ingredients that meet the safety qualifications of independent scientific expert groups – the same standards that are relied upon by government agencies and other leading manufacturers, including:

Personal Care Products

Victoria’s Secret & Co.’s scientific experts verify the safety of every ingredient before using it in our products. This includes a scientific review of relevant, available information before we approve the use of an ingredient. We collaborate with outside technical manufacturers to assure that Victoria’s Secret & Co.’s products are manufactured in conformance with regulatory standards. Subsequently, production batches are tested and meet stringent product specifications. The final products are clinically tested by independent laboratories for safety and efficacy as well as to substantiate all applicable marketing claims.

Animal Testing

Victoria’s Secret & Co. is against animal testing. Visit our Policies page for additional information about our policy and efforts in this area.

Apparel Products

Victoria’s Secret & Co. works with world-class manufacturers to help ensure that only safe, quality components are used in our apparel. Additionally, we employ designers, textile specialists and fabric technicians who assemble technical specifications regarding our apparel and intimates products. Fabrics are carefully chosen and tested to ensure the safety and suitability for their intended use. The fit, comfort, performance, design and durability are tested by consumer panels before the final design is approved. Safety testing is conducted to assure adherence to regulatory requirements and Victoria’s Secret & Co. internal standards.