Our Responses

Prison Labor

Victoria’s Secret & Co., and its portfolio of brands including Victoria’s Secret and PINK, have a strict policy of not sourcing products manufactured in correctional institutions/prisons. This policy also includes any other form of forced labor.

In the 1980s, we learned that one of our vendors, Third Generation (a common subcontractor among multiple major retailers) had been hiring prison inmates for production of some of our apparel products. Immediately after discovering this, we ended our relationship with Third Generation as that conduct is not in line with our business practices and supplier expectations. Since that violation of our Code of Conduct nearly 40 years ago, we have not had any instances of our partners across our supply chain using inmate labor as we do not tolerate such behavior.

Victoria’s Secret & Co. works only with suppliers that share our values and our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices. To ensure that our expectations are clear, our standards are specifically outlined in our Supplier Code of Conduct.