Our Responses

Brilliant Alliance Thailand

Victoria’s Secret is unwavering in our commitment to doing the right thing for the workers whose livelihoods were impacted by the closure of the Brilliant Alliance Thailand (BAT) factory in March 2021. While the workers impacted by the closure were not our employees and our merchandise was not produced in the factory at the time of the closure, we were committed to ensuring the factory owners satisfied their obligation to their workers.

Over several months we had been in active communication with the factory owners to facilitate a resolution. We regret they were not ultimately in a position to conclude this matter on their own so to ensure the workers received their full severance amounts owed, Victoria’s Secret agreed to advance the severance funds to the factory owners. We are pleased to share that an agreement was reached with the worker’s representatives and Thai government, and the workers have been paid all money owed to them by BAT, including interest.

We remain deeply committed to serving as a strong corporate body and ensuring our products continue to be ethically sourced and manufactured with the highest supplier standards. We will continue to hold ourselves and our partners accountable for the high standards we set for the fair treatment of workers.