Our ESG Strategy

We are committed to driving our company forward in the best interest of our stakeholders.

To advance this work, we established our ESG Strategy Steering Committee in 2022, managed by our Director of ESG. The Committee is tasked with:

  • Developing VS&Co’s overarching ESG strategy.
  • Integrating ESG considerations into our long-term strategic planning by identifying risks and opportunities that could impact our business and stakeholders.
  • Establishing clear performance metrics, ensuring accountability and transparency in our progress.
  • Sharing ESG insights across departments to educate and empower associates to contribute to our sustainability objectives.
  • Overseeing ESG communication, from public reporting to marketing initiatives, to inform our stakeholders of our efforts and achievements.
  • Engaging with the Nominating and Governance Committee of the Board of Directors for guidance and alignment on ESG strategies and outcomes.

The Committee meets at least every six weeks or more frequently, as necessary. Members provide regular updates to, and seek input from, the Nominating and Governance Committee of the Board. The Nominating and Governance Committee is accountable for ESG oversight, including VS&Co’s policies, reports, strategies, goals and initiatives relating to corporate social responsibility, environmental issues, sustainability, climate change, social issues involving supply chain, as well as how these programs and activities impact our associates, citizens and communities. The Nominating and Governance Committee monitors progress in achieving our ESG goals and initiatives and reports to the full Board on this topic throughout the year. Moreover, the full Board meets annually each September for a deeper dive into our ESG strategy.

ESG Task Forces

To further embed ESG into our daily operations, we have five task forces, including Human Rights, Climate, Packaging, Product and Women Empowerment. Each task force meets regularly to baseline data, develop targets and roadmaps and integrate these strategies into our business operations. These task forces serve as a platform for associates to engage more directly with ESG initiatives, offering feedback, deepening their understanding of ESG impacts relevant to their roles and embedding ESG principles into daily workflows to propel us toward our goals. Each task force is overseen by an executive sponsor, who ensures that ESG considerations are aligned with our strategic direction. Executive sponsors report to the ESG Steering Committee.

By embedding ESG across levels and functions of our organization, our continued intention is for sustainability and corporate performance to be intrinsically linked, driving mutual growth. This commitment is supported by active engagement and strategic oversight from our Board and executive leadership team, ensuring that ESG principles guide our business towards long-term resilience and success.