Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Overview


We believe that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is everything and we’re committed to ensuring we embed DEI into all facets of our business. This commitment shows up in our dedication to creating products that support our customers and their unique abilities, sizes, body types and life stages. 

As we strive to create a better future for our organization and our world, we are committed to:

  • Improving culture though belonging
  • Integrated DEI into the full accociate lifecycle
  • Intentional education, experiences and engagement
  • Influencing leadership accountability for DEI

DEI Governance

Our DEI strategy and goals are set by our DEI Council, co-led by our chief diversity officer, and chief human resources (HR) officer and legal officer. The work is sponsored by our chief executive officer and overseen by our Human Capital and Compensation Committee and Board of Directors, both of which are chaired by women of color. The DEI council consists of leaders from across the business, who are committed to establishing programs to promote DEI. Our DEI and HR teams are responsible for driving day-to-day activities.

Our DEI Vision

To celebrate, honor and reflect the diversity of our customers, our associates and the communities where we engage.

Our DEI Mission

To inspire and empower all by reflecting experiences, expanding access and recognizing diversity.


We’re honored to be recognized as one of Newsweek’s most diverse companies to work for in 2023, underscoring our work and commitment to cultivating diversity, equity and inclusion at VS&Co.