Making a Difference

We are leaders in our communities and stewards of our environment committed to doing well, acting with integrity and fostering brands that embody strength, confidence and inclusion.

In order to mirror the values of our associates and our customers, Victoria’s Secret & Co. supports community programs that focuses on improving women’s health and wellness, supporting women impacted by domestic violence, developing women leaders, supporting positive mental health in young adults and supporting organizations that work to improve the lives of those within our supply chain.

Also embedded in our focus is a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. As one of our company's core values, we understand, appreciate and leverage diversity to provide value for our customers, associates and shareholders. Our philanthropic efforts represent a rich mixture of backgrounds, insights and perspectives.

At Victoria’s Secret & Co., we believe getting involved in our communities makes a difference. It's why for nearly 40 years we've remained dedicated to improving the communities where we do business and focused on making a positive difference in the lives of our associates, our customers and the global community at large.