Associate Crisis/Severe Weather Information Hotline

Victoria’s Secret & Co. has established an Associate Crisis/Weather Information Hotline — 800-945-1001 (Kettering associates dial 866-350-7669) — which will be updated as decisions are made related to our office hours. We encourage you to put this number in your contacts for easy access. In extreme situation, we will also notify you directly by phone or text if your personal contact information is correct in Victoria’s Secret & Co. Access. Click here during a crisis situation if you need to update your contact information. This information will remain private and be used only to contact you in a severe weather situation or other emergency.

Our primary concern is the safety of associates. Regardless of business operations, Victoria’s Secret & Co. continues to ask all associates to follow the direction provided by state and local authorities with regard to travel restrictions in the area and use their best judgment with regard to travel to and from work. Associates unable to make it to work should contact their manager or supervisor.