Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy

We believe that integrating DEI into everything we do is critical to driving performance and doing well for our associates, customers and communities. We’re committed to bringing this to life through strategic actions with measurable goals, focusing on three key pillars: People, Experience and Purpose.


More than stores, more than products, VS&Co is a community of people with different backgrounds, qualities, abilities and talents. Embracing and fostering that diversity is what makes us stronger. Our People work is focused on:

  • Retaining more diverse associates
  • Increasing diversity within our workforce
  • Enabling the growth and advancement of all our talent

When our people are at their best, our company is at its best. We are committed to creating a workplace where everyone can bring their whole selves to work and thrive. Our Experience work is focused on:

  • Increasing associate engagement on our DEI journey
  • Driving inclusive leadership across our organization
  • Fostering a happy, healthy and inclusive culture

We don’t just sell products; we inspire and uplift. We are passionate about creating products that meet our customers’ diverse needs and telling stories that reflect their journeys while empowering the communities where we live and work. Our Purpose work is focused on:

  • Reaching and serving more diverse customers
  • Investing in more minority- and women-owned businesses and suppliers
  • Using our platform and resources to empower our communities, advance racial equity and promote social justice
Internal Programming

We work to bring our values to life for our associates in many ways, including our commitment to DEI. Leveraging an overarching theme of ‘Belonging,’ our corporate-wide interactive programming initiatives are designed to continually engage our culture and associates. We do this through: 

  •   A monthly DEI speaker series, which brings thought leaders to the forefront as a collective learning experience. 
  • Introspective Cultural Competency Assessments that support associates and teams in their ongoing journey of intercultural awareness and understanding. 
  • Team ‘Belonging’ workshops, which support a sense of unity, contribute to the ongoing development of a culture where everyone experiences a sense of belonging. 
  • Monthly home office culture and community social hours, which provide dedicated time for connection and celebration of heritage months together. 

The heartbeat of our commitment to DEI and our associates is reflected in the intentional creation of consistent opportunities for inclusion, support and mutual celebration.