Hansoll Textile Ltd.

Victoria’s Secret & Co. has partnered with Hansoll Textile, a global operation with factories in the South East Asia and Central America region, since 1992 with a global reputation for ethical and sustainable operations.



Hansoll is committed to women empowerment and increasing the access to educational resources the ability of women in their to allow their workforce to take charge of their health through the RISE program.

Through the implementation of this program, Hansoll focuses on the education and empowerment of its predominantly female workforce in their operations.

Limited health knowledge and often a lack of access to critical health services and products can lead to a belief in dangerous myths and misconceptions, particularly around reproductive health, posing a significant health threat to at-risk women. Because of this, some women have been found to suffer from anemia and increased exposure to various illnesses, including sexually transmitted and other communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and tuberculosis. Women who complete the program are empowered to make better decisions regarding their personal health and that of their families through access to fact-based information and available health services. In addition, awareness about key topics such as childbirth, infant care, family planning and clinical services has increased.

Through ongoing education and access to available health services, products and support provided by RISE, Hansoll is improving the health and wellbeing of its employees and their families.