Brandix Group



A Victoria’s Secret & Co. partner for more than 25 years, Brandix is Sri Lanka’s largest apparel supplier and a leader in manufacturing and supply chain excellence.

Being one of the largest employers in each Sri Lankan community where its operations are located, Brandix focuses its social responsibility efforts around the central theme of Water and has made a long-term commitment to increasing the availability of water and the provision of safe drinking water to those most in need. The Brandix water programs have become a critical part of the communities surrounding their operations.


With support from partners, Victoria’s Secret & Co.’s production and sourcing function, Brandix launched the Care for Our Own initiative in 2007 in an effort to provide convenient access to safe and fresh water supplies. As one of its signature projects, Care for Our Own has provided tube wells, deep wells and pipe-borne water directly to the homes of Brandix employees and their families throughout communities near their operations.

To date, more than 3,500 projects have been implemented across Sri Lanka, and, in many instances, supports far more individuals than the immediate beneficiary household as water supplies are often shared among neighbors. Benefiting more than 4,500 Brandix employees, their families and neighbors, the Care for Our Own program has made a tremendous impact for hundreds of Sri Lankan communities.



Taking the Care for Our Own initiative a step further, Brandix developed the Model Village program in 2015 in an effort to provide water and sanitation solutions to key institutions and residents within the communities near their operations. This includes providing new water supply facilities or upgrading existing water supply infrastructure to schools, hospitals, places of worship, police stations and other critical locations.

Launched in 2015, the Model Village project initially focused on identifying and providing solutions to water-related issues within a five-kilometer radius of the company’s facilities. The program now extends to areas within a 10-kilometer radius of Brandix operations to empower and support people further afield.



72 projects benefiting more than 48,000 people were completed, including toilet and sanitation renovation assistance as well as access to safe drinking water.