You & the Workplace



We are committed to honesty in the workplace. We prohibit theft, fraud or intentionally making false or misleading statements. We also consider the following to be dishonest conduct that may subject you to disciplinary action: lying on company records and documents (including time, payroll or expense records), intentionally excluding information, misusing company property and assets for your own or someone else’s benefit, abuse or misuse of corporate charge cards or accounts and abusing your merchandise discount.

Recording Time

We follow wage and hour laws and regulations. We are committed to fully complying with all applicable wage and hour laws and regulations, including off-the-clock work, rest breaks, meal periods and days of rest, overtime pay, termination pay, minimum-wage requirements, wages and hours of minors, and other wage and hour practices. It is against the law and a violation of our Code for you to work without compensation or for a supervisor to ask you to work without compensation. You must report any violations of wage and hour laws or policies to Human Resources or Ethics & Compliance.

Workplace Health and Safety

We provide safe and clean facilities for our customers and associates. We comply with all applicable workplace safety laws and have global safety policies and procedures to protect us from avoidable injury in the workplace. You must comply with all health and safety laws and policies and never ignore a potential health or safety concern. Report any potential hazards to your manager and immediately report any accident, work-related illness or injury, no matter how minor, in accordance with the company procedure in your country. Additionally, report these incidents to the Emergency Operations Center (1-614-415-3333).

No Workplace Violence; No Weapons or Firearms

We take violence and threats of violence very seriously. If you threaten or cause harm to anyone, you may be terminated regardless of whether the threat was made on- or off-the-clock, as a “joke” or in the “heat of the moment.” In addition, we do not allow associates to carry weapons and firearms on company property or in our stores.

Equal Opportunity; Accommodating Disabilities

We are an equal opportunity employer. We do not make employment decisions based on an individual’s race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, national origin, citizenship, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, genetic information or any other legally protected status, and we comply with all laws concerning non-discriminatory employment practices. We are committed to providing reasonable accommodations for associates and job applicants with disabilities.

Civility and Anti-Harassment

We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment or or bullying of any kind. Examples of harassment or discrimination include, but are not limited to:

  • giving unwanted or unwelcome sexual attention to others – colleagues, customers, vendors, and other business partners or third parties;
  • sexual demands, advances, or attention such as regularly commenting on an associate’s appearance or attractiveness or repeated requests for dates;
  • inappropriate touching, pinching, patting, grabbing, or brushing against another person’s body;
  • physical gestures that imply a sexual act or sexual anatomy, including touching oneself in a sexual manner;
  • sexual coercion, including demands for sexual favors in exchange for favorable treatment or accompanied by job-related threats or bribes – such as a manager promising an associate more hours in exchange for going on a date;
  • sexually explicit or suggestive comments, jokes, or actions such as commenting on an associate’s sex life or teasing an associate for wearing non-gender conforming clothes;
  • verbal, non-verbal, visual or physical behavior that makes another person feel intimidated, offended or uncomfortable;
  • slurs and other offensive remarks;
  • joining in when others are harassing or discriminating against another person; and
  • comments, cartoons, jokes, emails, texts, social media posts, or other communications that include degrading, insulting or insensitive content or assumptions concerning any individual’s race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, national origin, citizenship, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, genetic information or any other protected status under applicable laws.

For more information on sexual harassment specifically, see our Sexual Harassment Policy, which provides more guidance and examples. Violations of the Sexual Harassment Policy will result in appropriate disciplinary action against associates, up to and including termination.

In addition to discrimination or harassment, bullying is another form of incivility and disrespectful behavior that can range from minor incidents to serious ones and will not be tolerated. Bullying typically involves repeated actions intended to intimidate, harass, degrade or offend. Bullying can be verbal, nonverbal, psychological or physical. For the most part, we usually know a bully when we see one in action. For illustration purposes, here are some examples of bullying that undermine our commitment to treat everyone with dignity and respect:

  • demeaning a colleague, particularly in front of others;
  • personal attacks (angry outbursts, name-calling and the like);
  • physical intimidation;
  • encouraging others to turn against or “gang up on” a targeted co-worker or group of co-workers;
  • pressuring someone to do or say something they don’t want to;
  • sabotaging another’s work product or deliberately undermining someone’s work performance; and
  • behavior that is malicious, hostile or offensive.

Harassing, bullying, discriminating against, or otherwise disrespecting a colleague, customer, vendor, contractor or business partner electronically, off company property or off-the-clock is also prohibited. Managers are required to report any complaints they receive to their Human Resources partners.

This policy also applies to all customers, vendors, contractors, business partners or potential business partners and other third parties when they are doing business with us or are on our premises, and we expect and require that they will be treated with respect and that they will behave in ways that align with our culture of respect. It is everyone’s responsibility to support our equally respectful, inclusive culture and speak up through any of the reporting channels available, as outlined in our Code and our Speak Up Policy. Any customers, vendors, contractors or other business partners who believe they have been subjected to harassment, discrimination or bullying should raise the incident to Ethics & Compliance or the Ethics Hotline. We strictly prohibit any form of retaliation, disciplinary action, or disadvantage for raising good faith concerns.

Drug- and Alcohol-free Workplace

We are committed to providing a drug- and alcohol-free workplace. You must work entirely free of the effects of alcohol and illegal drugs, as well as the adverse effects of any other legal substance. You may not sell, possess, distribute, use or purchase illegal drugs — or sell, transfer or distribute prescription drugs - on company premises or during working hours. You may not report to work after consuming alcohol or illegal drugs. For example, you may not go to lunch, drink alcohol and then return to work. Responsible use of alcohol is permitted when served in appropriate business settings or at certain Company-sponsored events. For more information and guidance, see our Global Associate Alcohol Policy.