How Victoria’s Secret & Co. is Redefining Supplier Relationships

November 10, 2023

At VS&Co, we know partnering with diverse suppliers is important to our success and our role as a leader in the retail industry. We intentionally seek relationships with suppliers who mirror our values and reflect the diverse communities in which we live and work.

On Nov. 8, in collaboration with the Fifteen Percent Pledge, we hosted our second-annual The Chic Chemistry: The Art of Connections, at the top floor of our 5th Avenue store in New York City. The event created a dynamic platform for minority-owned businesses to network with VS&Co leaders, cultivating meaningful connections with the goal of driving forward economic growth.

It was not just a gathering but a vibrant celebration of inclusivity, empowerment and entrepreneurship, and marked another significant stride in VS&Co’s commitment to fostering diverse supplier relationships.

Highlighting the event was an inspiring panel discussion with Roy Broderick from Authentique Agency and Tiffany Hardin of Gild Creative Group, both current Black-owned agency partners of VS&Co. Their insights into entrepreneurship, driving business growth and more, added depth and context to the evening's agenda.

VS&Co also honored Bridgeforth Cotton Farms, a key supplier in the company’s cotton journey. The recognition of Bridgeforths, underlined VS&Co's commitment to advancing diverse suppliers and responsible sourcing, a theme central to the company's ethos. Read more about our partnership with the Bridgeforths and other minority-owned farms in our cotton report.

More than an event

Our partnership with the Fifteen Percent Pledge, initiated in June 2022, has been transformative in our journey towards enhancing and expanding supplier diversity.

From our commitment with the Pledge, we have the goal of increasing our addressable spend with Black-owned businesses in addition to increasing our associate diversity numbers internally and hosting two supplier diversity events a year.

The Chic Chemistry: The Art of Connections marked our second event of the year centered on advancing economic connections as part of our supplier diversity program.

Our first event was held in August at our Columbus Home Office in celebration of Black Business Month – the event brought together over 100 attendees and led to tangible partnerships, including a new selection of café vendors and a significant soap supply contract for VS&Co’s New York and Ohio offices.

Together, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Procurement and Supplier Diversity teams at VS&Co are driving this transformative work and bringing these events, partnerships and connections to life. These events, beyond fostering business relationships, have sparked a broader dialogue on economic vitality, innovation and diversity in business practices. They are tangible demonstrations of VS&Co's dedication to embedding diversity, equity and inclusion in everything we do.

Looking ahead, we’re committed to maintaining this momentum, continuously seeking out and embracing opportunities to diversify our supplier base – from the makeup artists we work with to the vendors we use to host events and more.

For more information about our supplier diversity program and how to work with us, visit our corporate website.