Redesigning Stores For The Future

In 2021, we began giving our stores the ultimate makeover with the aim of both creating a deeper connection with our customers and reducing our environmental footprint. We call this design concept “Store of the Future.” To date, we’ve opened 24 Stores of the Future, 21 of which opened in 2022, with plans for all forthcoming new store concepts to adopt this design.

This design is focused on making our customers feel welcome with features like mannequins of multiple sizes, soft lighting, technology-first features and inclusive product offerings. This design also tests embracing smaller, more efficient store formats. Our Stores of the Future have been designed with more efficient lighting, HVAC systems, low-flow toilets, hand dryers and bottle fillers. As we expand our fleet of stores with this updated design, we will continue to evaluate average energy savings of this design compared to our conventional design.

This store design also features “Crave,” a fitting room technology that allows us to meet each consumer’s unique needs, including language translation services. It integrates with radio- frequency identification (RFID) tags on our garments, which helps us manage product inventory in real time to improve allocation of product in stores.

Mannequin Recycling

In 2021 and 2022, we updated the mannequins in stores across the U.S. to represent more diverse customers. We partnered with CheckSammy to identify appropriate recycling channels for the previous mannequins, diverting over 440,000 pounds of waste.