Community Guidelines

At VS&Co, we celebrate and support women in everything we do.

Our goal? To inspire you to feel good inside and out while driving positive change through products, platform, and advocacy. This means the activity and community we foster across all our social media channels must put that advocacy into action by maintaining a safe, inviting, and inclusive space for all.

The following outlines how VS&Co will continue building an uplifting environment, ensuring a positive experience for our customers, associates, and communities

We kindly ask you to be:


We believe this is the foundation of good relationships within our channels. That means we are open to disagreements or diversity in personal opinions but will never tolerate discriminatory or inappropriate content.


Leading with consideration for others is expected within our social media channels—choosing to always lift up one another and never tear others down.


Transparency is a must, and our community should always feel empowered to be open while remaining respectful and kind. We are happy to hear all viewpoints, but do not believe in harming others in the process—we do not condone diminishing others.


Have questions or ideas? We want to hear them. Our community is built to be a collaborative, two-way dialogue and we truly value your opinion.


Posts that do not adhere to our community guidelines may be removed. Users who repeatedly post content that falls outside of this may be banned from participation on our pages. If we see conversation turning negative, we can and will delete it.

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