As a values-led organization, Victoria’s Secret & Co. is increasingly integrating the protection and preservation of global resources into our everyday business practices. It's part of doing what is right and means that we are committed to sustainable, responsible and thoughtful environmental behavior. We realize that we have a long way to go, but we're pleased with our initial steps to reduce our environmental footprint. Going forward, our commitment is to consistently improve upon and expand our environmental stewardship efforts, while continuing to collaborate with other advocates who share our values.

We strive to manage the natural resources entrusted to us through:

  • Thoughtful procurement of supplies, equipment and merchandise; and
  • Our daily business operations.

Interwoven through every step is our commitment to:

  • Minimize waste generation and maximize recycling;
  • Promote reuse through partnerships with not-for-profit organizations;
  • Conserve energy and preserve natural resources;
  • Promote the increased use of recycled content paper;
  • Partner with environmentally responsible suppliers;
  • Build relationships with environmental agencies and non-governmental organizations; and
  • Hold ourselves accountable for our environmental stewardship efforts.